• Our vision

    ,Listed on Nasdaq since November 2016, we are a pioneering internet company, seeking to revolutionize traditional businesses by leveraging on technology, insights and creativity.

    Moxian, Inc.(NASDAQ:MOXC) is in the O2O (“Online-to-Offline”) business, providing an online platform for small and medium sized enterprises (“SMEs”) with physical stores to conduct business online, interact with existing customers and obtain new ones. .


    Moxian is also the exclusive operator of the Games Channel of the Xinhua App, an application developed and operated by Xinhua New China News Agency, the official state-run press agency of the Peoples;' Republic of China. Through this affiliation, Moxian has developed extensive contacts with the mobile gaming industry in China..


    Based on technology, big data and servicing capabilities, and displayed on mobile phone and smart TV screens, Moxian provides media buying services to its clients. Our businesses are technology-driven programmatic media buying, service-oriented media buying, one-stop service platform for overseas markets...